• Start of the project : 10/2023
  • End of the project : 09/2026


The HYDROMINE project proposes an innovative approach to the production of hydrogen and valuable co-products from the energy fraction (RDF) of municipal solid waste.

The RDF gasification technology is derived from coal gasification and will produce lean syngas (mainly H2, CO2, CO) which will be separated into pure recoverable components.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova :

Within the consortium, Materia Nova is in charge of the study of the conversion of lean syngas generated by RDF gasification into syngas rich in CO and O2 as well as gas streams resulting from direct membrane separation of the lean syngas. In the long term, we aim to valorise CO/H2 mixtures for the production of e-fuels and pure O2 in oxycombustion (outside the HYDROMINE project).

Consortium :

GIG (Coordinator) (PL), IPAS (BE), MASTER (PL), GFZ (DE), CNR-ITM (IT), University of Mons - UMONS (BE), Materia Nova (BE)

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