• Start of the project : 01-11-16
  • End of project : 31-03-20


A unique platform for ion implantation.

The WALIBEAM consortium has the ambition to set up a demonstration platform, comprising 5 pilot units, with the sole and unique aim of demonstrating the feasibility of the industrialization of ion implantation technologies. These technologies are applied to the field of surface treatments through the development of new products and the design of new production tools.

The objective of WALIBEAM is therefore twofold:

1. To set up a demonstration platform "ionic implantation" with:

o 5 pilot units

o 5 R&D themes (product applications)

o 5 cross-disciplinary projects (process, understanding, modelling, etc.)

2. The integration of a complete industrial sector in the Walloon region:

o Industrialization of the ECR source production

o Design of industrial lines by machine builders

o Start-up of first production lines in Wallonia


Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Guidance is characterized by 3 missions:

  • To coordinate the WALIBEAM platform and the associated ERDF projects 2.3.2
  • To support SMEs using the platform and encourage their possible participation in new projects (WALIBEAM = “open” industrial technological platform)
  • To help the platform's influence either by including foreign companies in the consortium or by promoting the WALIBEAM platform in European projects.

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