• Start of the project : 01-03-15
  • End of project : 28-02-18


“New Cost-effective Hybrid Lighting for Efficient Off-Grid Applications”

This project proposes an alternative for the manufacture of new efficient surface lighting sources at lower production costs, through the use of hybrid technologies, HyLED (Hybrid Light Emitting Diodes), involving planar layers of both organic AND inorganic materials.

HyLED’s have an architecture similar to OLED’s but involve injection layers based on metal oxides, giving the overall architecture of the devices intrinsic resisting properties to external contaminants (H2O, O2) and therefore durability. This breakthrough technology makes it possible to consider high luminous performances while avoiding drastic and costly encapsulation processes. The diodes will be integrated on flexible and/or formable “low cost” supports, such as metal or plastic substrates. Wet processes will be favoured for the market of flexible lighting sources and cost reduction.

Achieved results:

  • New OLED structures comprising organic and/or inorganic materials produced by wet processes;
  • Transparent and flexible electrodes based on silver nanowires for incorporation in OLEDs or other applications (flexible battery…);
  • Transparent conductive oxides obtained by sol-gel process for incorporation in OLED devices or other applications (e.g. Low-e optical filter);
  • OLED devices with new generation TADF emitters with similar state of the art performance.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Materia Nova developed the architecture of the HyLED’s (all layers including transparent electrodes), from the deposition of the layers to the characterization of the performance of the devices.

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