Biocompatibility study of surface-grafted proteins on biomedical device


How can we compare the biocompatibility of 2 différents grafting for intended application?  Are the molecular conformation and orientation of the protein appropriate?

Are the amino-acids which induce cell growth predominantly present at the extreme surface?


Materia Nova has extensive experience in extreme surface analysis using ToF-SIMS (approximate analysis depth of 1nm).

ToF-SIMS uses molecular information and high mass resolution to determine which amino acid coming from protein are mainly detected on the surface.

As the ToF-SIMS spectra of proteins are very complex, their interpretion is made using PCA (Principal Component Analysis) following litterature [Bertrand, P. Applied Surface Science 2006, 252, 6986]


ToF-SIMS analysis coupled with PCA treatement  enables us to confirm the good orientation of the grafted-proteins of device n°1 and to validate its biocompatibility.


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