Our new TOF-SIMS equipment for extreme surface analysis by mass spectroscopy is ideal for identifying the chemical components of a material at the nanoscale, to a depth of about 1 nm. Thanks to its high resolution and sensitivity, it allows a detailed analysis of the sample surface. This technique is particularly useful for the characterization of polymers, ceramics, metals and semiconductors. With this new equipment, Materia Nova will be able to offer even more accurate surface analysis and meet the needs of its customers in materials characterization.

Our state-of-the-art equipment will allow :

  • Identification of chemical pollution on the surface or at the interfaces responsible for adhesion problems (bonding, paint, varnish, ...)
  • The precise determination of the origin of a failure
  • Validation of the integrity of a surface treatment or functionalization
  • Identification of the origin of a corrosion problem,
  • Verification of the quality of a surface functionalization or a very thin coating
  • High resolution for detailed analysis of the sample at the nanometric scale
  • To have the capacity to respond to customers's needs in terms of material characterization



Our strengths:

  • Determine elemental, isotopic or molecular composition at the extreme surface of samples (<1 nm depth),
  • Lateral resolution up to 50 nm,
  • Molecular and atomic identification,
  • Profiling of inorganic materials, even hard ones
  • Profiling of organic materials by Argon aggregates up to 20 µm,
  • Profile analysis on FIB section which allows to realize 3D nanoanalysis on around 50*50*1 nm3,