Pilot Line for Galvanization and Anodization (450mm300mm300mm)

Pilot Line (Electrodeposition and Aluminum Anodizing)

Acquired as part of the acquisition of the Forem's Electroplating line, this pilot line will be fully operational by May 2024, enabling Materia Nova to offer developments in coatings through electrolytic deposition.

Dimensions of tanks: WxLxH 450mm300mm300mm
Types of applications (dead bath, barrel, vibratory bowl)

This line consists of a metal deposition treatment line (Zn, Ni, ...) on metal substrates and an aluminum anodizing line.

It can be used for validating the development of electroplating and anodizing solutions, for validating solutions, products, or processes from R&D projects, and for small-scale production runs.

Additionally, this line can be utilized for surface treatment training programs, including electroplating.

As part of a Surface Treatment Training program, we offer a theoretical training module (corrosion, surface treatment, HSE, wastewater treatment), as well as practical training in aluminum anodizing, steel galvanization, and quality control of baths.