WEBINAR: FRESHINPAC PROJECT – Development of bio-based packaging for perishable foods


The Cornet FreshInPac project in which Materia Nova is developing the bioplastic film with active components for the fresh food market is organizing on september 21st a webinar open to all interested stakeholders active in the packaging sector.

Webinar program:

-Introduction – Łukasz Kruszyński, Natureef (Poland);

-Development of ethylene scavengers for active and biodegradable food packaging materials – Antoniya Toncheva, Axel Hemberg, Materia Nova (Belgium);

-Development of fully bio-based paper coatings for the extension of shelf-life of perishable fruits – Sandro Gennen, Celabor (Belgium);

-CBIMO ZUT (Poland);

-Ethylene scavengers: Efficacy under different humidity conditions and application in fruit storage – Namrata Pathak, ATB (Germany);

-Shelf life simulations for fresh climacteric produce – Phil Rosenow, Fraunhofer IVV (Germany)


Registration link

Website of the project: FRESHINPAC – Materia Nova