I4Bags workshop (online) – Ion implantation


Public workshop for the I4Bags project in which Materia Nova and Ionics are partners.

This workshop is organised by the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) and QWED, the project coordinator.

The I4BAGS project aims to develop innovative processing and characterisation solutions for microelectronics and battery applications. Driven by topical challenges in communication and energy management, and supported by large industrial demand for innovation, most performing devices have a complex thin-film stacking architecture, the manufacturing processes of which require fine monitoring of materials and their interface properties and to keep track of their properties, often at the nanoscale.


  • Welcome by EMMC
  • Introduction to I4Bags by Tymoteusz Ciuk (L-IMiF, Poland; I4Bags Coordinator)
  • Modelling-Based Characterisation of I4Bags Materials and Relevance to the EMMC Focus Area 1 “Model Development” by Malgorzata Celuch (QWED, Poland; EMMC FA1 Co-Chair)
  • Reduced graphene oxide-based electrodes: application perspectives in novel energy storage systems by Agata Romanowska (L-IMiF, Poland)
  • Ion implantation potentials for smart materials. Applications in energy storage industries by  Aida Nasiri (IONICS, Belgium and  also on behalf of MateriaNova, Belgium)
  • Ion implantation for graphene-enabled magnetic diagnostics: application perspectives in modern fusion reactors by Tymoteusz Ciuk (L-IMiF, Poland)

Registration: EMMC website

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