Webinar dedicated to the surface treatments in the aeronautics


Module 1 program – morning:

10:15 am: WINGS (Walloon Innovation for Green Skies) project, an innovation partnership subsidized by the Walloon Region: focus on surface treatments under study for greener aeronautics.
Donatienne Ghysselinckx (Sonaca)
10:40 am: Plasma surface treatments: functionalities and durability of materials in aeronautics.
Thomas Godfroid (Materia Nova)
11h05 : STELLAR project : anti-contamination technologies of the leading edges for the preservation of laminar flow.
Mireille Poelman (Materia Nova)
11:30 am: Control of surface wettability as an anti-contamination solution: study of the hemolymph/surface interaction by micro-rheology (STELLAR).
José Bico (ESPCI)

Link to the event:

Program of module 2 – afternoon

14h15 : GIT : The Ceratronic® Micro-Arcs Oxidation Process and its industrial applications.
Philippe Combes – GIT (Galvanoplastie Industrielle Toulousaine)
14h55 : Micro-arc oxidation: fundamentals and process control.
Gérard Henrion – IJL (Jean Lamour Institute)