Webinar Hi-Ecowire : Alternative Technology to produce insulated wire for motor applications


October 21st 2021 – 11:00-12:30

General presentation of the project (Hamid Boudiba – Materia Nova)

  • Project scope
  • Objectives (3 objectives COM)
  • Innovation in HI-ECOWIRE
  • Role of each partner

Technology focus: Polymer Processing as Promising Technology for Magnet wire

Polymer Processing Development (Soumaya Lafqir – Materia Nova)

  • Introduction to extrusion process: preparation methods and characterization technics
  • High performance polymers in Hi-ECOWIRE

Polymer Processing for Magnet Wire (Philippe Frezel – GII)

  • Principle of enameling technology
  • Principle of polymer processing for magnet wire
  • Economic and environmental benefits of the process

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