Workshop TRL7 – Decarbonisation of companies

JTekt Torsen, Strépy-Bracquegnies

Workshop organised as part of the Circular Economy Fortnight. in coordination with Wal-Tech and the approved Research Centers.

Do you want to take up the challenge of decarbonisation?
Come and express your needs in terms of services and equipment during a collaborative workshop.

TRL7 will be an energy “micro-grid” made up of semi-industrial pilots that will enable the maturity of a community of energies to be analysed from a systemic vision.

TRL7 will be :

– a community of players around an innovative energy loop to optimise their investment and operating costs;

– An infrastructure adapted to the needs of semi-industrial pilot modular equipment (confidentiality, security, power, flows, etc.) and their interconnection (management of inputs and outputs) which allows the validation and integration of (modular) technological solutions in a pre-industrial environment thanks to the “plug and test” principle;

– centralisation and access to cutting-edge technical expertise (state of the art, engineering, maintenance, materials, digital, etc.);

– flexibility and agility to adapt to rapid technological and economic changes;

– the promotion of innovative solutions and processes, demonstrators as well as advice that will enable industrialists wishing to decarbonise their companies to make informed decisions for their investments;

– a place for companies and innovation experts to meet and exchange ideas;

This infrastructure, focused on innovation as a means of accelerating transitions, will be the breeding ground for Wallonia’s industrial renewal and will constitute a real tool for socio-economic redeployment.

Free but mandatory registration via THIS LINK.

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