Start date: 05/01/2023
End date: 12/31/2025


HYBRID PLASMALYSIS technology, which consists of dividing the methane molecule into its components (hydrogen and solid carbon), is considered the new generation of pyrolysis plasma and an economical alternative to electrolysis. This new process has been tested and validated in the laboratory and is the subject of at least one patent application (Materia Nova). It broadens the possibilities for using different sources of methane, allows the quality of hydrogen and co-products to be adjusted as needed and requires significantly less energy than electrolysis.

The federal government has launched the “Clean Hydrogen for Clean Industry” call for projects as part of the implementation of the federal hydrogen strategy. A budget of 30 million euros has been set aside by the federal government to finance 6 hydrogen projects across the country. Of the 36 applications, the government chose 6 to launch a hydrogen industry. H2PY is one of them.

Scope: Demonstrate how Plasmalysis technology can become a vector for the decarbonization of methane, currently used in industry and electricity production, through its conversion into decarbonized hydrogen.

Technical objective: Evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of an industrial plasmalysis plant which produces carbon black and carbon-free hydrogen which would be mainly intended for a new gas-fired power plant located in Seraing, while integrating the necessary interconnections with the various associated transport networks. The partners in this project want to carry out the necessary studies to accelerate the development and commercialization of this technology on an industrial scale by 2026 in Belgium.


Luminus (Coordinator), AGC, Materia Nova and Fluxys with the support of PCBB and GATE2.

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