• Start of the project : 01/09/2022
  • End of the project : 31/08/2024


The use of electroplating for the deposition of metallic coatings suffers from limited sustainability, due to the use of toxic products and high energy consumption in wet chemical processes

The project aims to improve both the durability of this process through an application for gold coatings on ultra-thin wires as well as to improve the performance of this coating in terms of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties (hardness, adhesion)

With this in mind, the project aims to develop the very first roll-to-roll plasma device for ultra-thin wires, based on the combination of 2 plasma processes: spray PVD and ion implantation.

Materia Nova's objectives and missions:

Materia Nova is committed to developing a surface treatment based on ion implantation technology to improve the durability of gold-coated ultrafine wires.

Materia Nova is also committed to developing a laboratory solution for PVD coating of ultrafine wires.

Consortium :

IONICS, Luma metall AB

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