• Start of the project : 01-03-20
  • End of project : 31-08-22


The NanoFabNet project will create a strong international hub for sustainable nanomanufacturing, whose structure, business model and detailed strategies and action plans will be designed, agreed and driven by its international stakeholders during the project. NanoFabNet's future virtual collaboration space, NanoFabNet Hub, will be a self-sustaining platform that will help international stakeholders access expert knowledge on ethical, safe and sustainable nanomanufacturing.

The NanoFabNet Hub stands for :

a guided and well-implemented approach to achieving high levels of safety and sustainability,

approved, reliable and quantitative techniques, compliance with the standardising requirements, as well as their promotion from all its members and along the nanomanufacturing value chain.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Materia Nova will propose a methodology to identify common challenges and opportunities in sustainable nanomanufacturing. Strengths and weaknesses (skills, training, laboratory and manufacturing equipment or infrastructure) will be identified and an action plan for improvement will be proposed. The focus will be on sustainable requirements for scaling up nanomanufacturing (products and associated processes) from a low TRL (basic academic and industrial laboratory demonstration) to demonstration and validation in an industrially relevant environment (TRL > 5-6).

The consortium

The NanoFabNet project is coordinated by AcumenIST (AIST) and supported by 14 other partners from 9 European countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy, Norway and the USA).

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