• Start of the project : 01/01/2022
  • End of the project : 31/12/2023


The photodegradation mechanisms of polymeric materials such as organic coatings are still not completely understood and therefore represent an important issue for industrialized countries. The PhotoProtect project aims at developing new anti-UV agents that would be incorporated in paint coatings in order to give them an increased resistance to photodegradation, more extensive and more durable by combining organic and inorganic UV absorbers in a double layer on nano-sheets.

A first foil treatment will be performed with metal oxides, having a high UV absorption activity, combined with organic HALS absorbers (radical absorption). By combining the two types of absorption and varying the compositions, the system will be adaptable to the different photodegradation mechanisms observed according to the field of application (automotive, construction).

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Within the consortium, Materia Nova is committed to the development of anti-UV agents to be integrated into paint and sol gel matrices.

The consortium

Forschungsgesellschaft für Pigmente und Lacke e.V. (FPL)


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