VAPLA ; Valorisation ; Matériaux


  • Start of the project : 06/2021
  • End of project : 12/2022


The objective of the VAPLA project is to develop strategies for the valorization of materials contained in hospital waste. This waste comes from different regions of the world and has been shredded and decontaminated at the place of use, with the machines produced and marketed by Ecosteryl.

First, a careful sorting step is necessary to separate and identify each material. Once sorted, the materials are remelted and shaped before their properties are evaluated according to standards. The results of these analyses will eventually make it possible to compare the properties of these recycled materials with those of first generation materials.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Materia Nova's role is to characterize and propose ways to recover recycled plastic batches from medical waste.

The consortium


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