Custom preparation of your compounds, in small batches (from 2 to 50 kg) of pellets.

Materia Nova offers its expertise in polymer formulation and its extrusion capabilities to companies looking to develop custom materials.

Our service allows for personalized preparation of small batches (from 2 to 50 kg), ideal for trials with limited quantities. We thus cater to the needs of companies requiring amounts too small for traditional formulators.

In addition to material preparation, Materia Nova provides comprehensive support including analysis, characterization, and reporting of the produced composites. We also supply detailed reports including operating conditions. With our customizable service, you gain access to over 300 different analysis techniques, covering materials and surfaces extensively.


  • Twin-screw and single-screw extruders, equipped with dosers for pellets, powders, liquids, fibers.
  • Equipment suitable for reactive extrusion.
  • Flexibility of screw profile according to your needs.
  • Our extruders can be coupled for tandem extrusion to increase screw length and extend residence time.