With the glove box, it is possible to work in controlled conditions (dry nitrogen); it is connected to two devices: (1) ALD to deposit barrier layers or metal oxides in inert gas (2) AFM Multimode 8 microscope to characterize in nanometric scale the topographical, electric and mechanical properties in inert gas (3) a robot to encapsulate optoelectronic devices (OLED, OPV) with dimensions up to 10x10cm2.

Notre point fort

  • The combination glove box + local probe microscopy characterizes in nanometric scale and in controlled atmosphere depositions/surfaces sensitive to water and oxygen, which is the case for organic semiconductive materials used in optoelectronic devices, such as OLED’s and OPV’s. The presence of ALD in the same environment generates particular stacks, such as MIS structures (Metal/Insulator/Semiconductor), but also encapsulates (together with the encapsulation robot) devices before their characterization outside the glove box