Thermal sublimator (multisource Kurt J Leskers SUPER SPECTROS,…)

Multisource thermal sublimator (metal, MeOx and organic) operating under very high vacuum (10-7 Torr). This method is ideal to produce complex layer stacks with excellent thickness control and on different substrates (glass, steel, polymers, textiles,...) on surfaces up to 20x20cm2. This method also allows the co-evaporation of several species, so as to create multi-material and hybrid layers with precise control of the proportion of constituents (e.g., doped layers).


  • This Kurt J LESKERS SUPER SPECTROS multisource thermal sublimation pilot system, operating in a very high vacuum (10-7 Torr) and in a glove box, deposits layers of nanometric thickness (of organic materials, metals and metal oxides) on surfaces up to 20x20cm2. This pilot has an accessory (Wedge) that transforms a single substrate into several substrates without the need to break the vacuum or to use complex masking methods. This combining approach (producing multiple substrates with different materials and thicknesses on a single substrate) reduces costly and time-consuming research, meaning large quantities of substrate variations can be made in days instead of months. The system also co-evaporates multiple species to create multi-material layers in precise proportions.matériaux et épaisseurs sur un seul substrat) réduit le temps de recherche coûteux et prolongé, ce qui permet de réaliser de grandes quantités de variations de substrat en quelques jours au lieu de mois. Le système permet également de co-évaporer plusieurs espèces de manière à créer des couches multi-matériaux dans des proportions précises.