PYROCARB ; hydrocarbonés


  • Start of the project : 01-02-21
  • End of project : 31-01-24


Study of the decomposition of hydrocarbon precursors by plasma pyrolysis for the controlled synthesis of different types or allotropic forms of carbon.

The main objective of PYROCARB is to understand the mechanisms underlying the synthesis of different carbonaceous feedstocks by plasma pyrolysis in order to ultimately direct the process towards the development of NDCs identified as important by the industrial partner. Two partial objectives will punctuate the work and will allow to study and understand the plasma pyrolysis process using a 3D gliding arc plasma reactor (GAP), an innovative plasma technology, perfectly adapted to the industrial environment and never used in this context. This study will lead to an optimization of the reactor design.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

Within the consortium, Materia Nova will carry out:

  • The construction and modification of plasma systems for the evaluation of plasma pyrolysis of various carbonaceous feedstocks.
  • The characterization of plasma and products.

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