Cyanide-free silvering solution

The traditional cyanide-based silvering process poses risks to worker health, the environment and regulatory compliance. Cyanide is toxic by inhalation, skin contact and ingestion, and requires preventive measures in production, such as specific labelling, ventilation, hydrocyanic acid detectors, personal protection, etc. In addition, cyanide is an environmentally hazardous waste and many regulations impose maximum discharge thresholds.

This is why we have developed a cyanide-free silvering solution that addresses health, environmental and regulatory compliance issues. The production process is very similar to the traditional process, with a stable (alkaline) bath and a similar recharge. In addition, this solution is ultrasonically compatible, allowing for higher quality deposits. The performance of the deposits is identical to cyanide-based silver deposits, with excellent ductility and resistance to tarnishing.

Our cyanide-free silver plating solution offers several competitive advantages. It does not generate toxic waste, simplifies production and storage safety measures, reducing costs and associated risks. It uses affordable raw materials and the cost of producing the baths is identical to that of the traditional process.


Our strengths :

  • Raw materials with a similar purchase cost to cyanide-based electrolytes for comparable quantities
  • Equivalent cost of baths
  • No charge for treatment of toxic waste
  • Simplification of production and storage security measures
  • Opportunity to stand out from the competition and attract new customers