Morphological characterizations


Surface topography is a key feature in the interaction of solids (parts, surface layers, paints, powders, granules, masses) with their environment. The surface condition can indeed influence the visual aspect, the reflectance, the wear resistance, the adhesion phenomena, the friction... and thus the performance of industrial products.

Another aspect relates to the morphological analysis of powders: size and shape of particles, formation of agglomerates... These factors play a role in the reactivity of divided materials but also in their handling (flow, handling, presence of nanoparticles, ...).

Performance measurement (standards and equipment tests)

Microscopic observations (SEM-EDX) of the morphology of powders or the surface of materials,

Dimensional measurements on surface and in section,

Characterization of a defect of aspect (bump or hollow, size, morphology),

Measurement of roughness profiles (Ra, Rt, Rq,...) by mechanical, optical or AFM profilometry depending on the scale,

Characterization (size, dispersion) of particle size by laser granulometry,

Melt index measurement ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238

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  • Materia Nova has all the preparation equipment necessary to observe the surface and the cut of samples. In particular, the ion polisher allows for optimal preparation of heterogeneous samples in order to obtain images of excellent quality.

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