Analysis of paints or varnishes


The characterization of a paint or a varnish is necessary for the qualification of the product before its marketing. It can also be carried out following a product failure (stain, adhesion problem, flaking, color change...) in order to identify its origin.

Performance measurement (standards and equipment tests)

Verify the conformity of the paint or varnish in relation to

  • the specifications (type of pigment, quality level...)
  • regulatory standards (REACH, VOC, lead and heavy metals),
  • industrial requirements.

Analyze the chemical composition.

Analyze the performance of the coating under different constraints (aging study in climatic chambers (ISO 9227 / ASTM B117), adhesion tests (ISO 1519, 2409, 4624, 6272)), friction resistance (ISO 11998).

Hardness measurements.

Colorimetry (ISO 7724 and ASTM D6290), gloss (ISO 2813), hiding power (ISO 6504).

Measurement of surface energy (wettability ISO 19403).


Our strengths

  • Our equipment allows us to carry out tests in accordance with the standards in force and/or the specifications of our customers. ISO 1518-1, ISO 1520, ISO 2409, ISO 2808, ISO 2812, ISO 4624, ISO 4628, ISO 6272, ISO 1519
  • Study a defect or a failure after application of a paint or a varnish
  • Supporting the development of new products with specific properties.