Kurt J LESKERS SPECTROS (multisource) thermal sublimator

Multisource thermal sublimator (metal, MeOx and organic) operating under very high vacuum (10-7 Torr). This method is ideal to produce complex layer stacks with excellent thickness control and on different substrates (glass, steel, polymers, textiles,...) on surfaces up to 10x10cm2. This method also allows the co-evaporation of several species, so as to create multi-material and hybrid layers with precise control of the proportion of constituents (e.g. doped layers).



  • This multisource thermal sublimation equipment (metal, MeOx and organic) operates under very high vacuum (10-7 Torr) and in a glove box to manufacture optoelectronic devices presenting complex layers with excellent space and thickness control. The method also co-evaporates multiple species to create multi-material layers in precise proportions.