Savannah ALD Process System- Cambridge Nanotech

This device deposits dense atomic layers of metal and metal oxides (some can be transparent depending on the deposition conditions) at low temperatures thanks to the carrying of chemical precursors in a carrier gas (typically nitrogen). It is a “soft” deposition method that allows the direct deposition on “fragile” organic substrates and on 3D-shaped surfaces. There are multiple applications: encapsulation of optoelectronic devices, deposition of transparent electrodes, semiconductor treatment, deposition of transparent conductive oxides, deposition of high-quality dielectrics, of barrier layers, and deposition of metal oxides on substrates with a high specific surface for sensor or battery applications.


  • Low temperature and vacuum ALD to generate very dense alumina layers for an efficient encapsulation of materials/devices sensitive to O2 and H2O.
  • The equipment is connected to a glove box for a deposition/surface handling in controlled atmosphere