10L bioreactor

Production of biomass, production of metabolites or bioconversion in molecules of interest


  • Wide range of production. Potential interest in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals... pre-development and validation of a process before its industrialization. Many biotechnological processes are done in bioreactors or fermenters, where molecules are synthesized using strains of bacteria, yeast and cells. The final product is used in many areas of our daily lives, such as the fermentation of yogurt and beer. In addition to food and beverage applications, it is also used in research and drug production. A concrete and current example is the cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactors for CO2 recycling.
  • The transition to sustainable energy is a concrete example that promotes the use of bioreactors. Biogas and biofuel in the form of biomethane, bioethanol and biodiesel are gaining popularity in the energy supply of our homes, industry and transportation. The gas or fuel is created by fermenting organic materials such as manure, sludge, organic waste, grass, corn or sugarcane. The fermentation tanks used for brewing are actually bioreactors.