• Start of the project : 01-01-16
  • End of project : 30-09-21


The EMRA-DEMO2Factory portfolio is coordinated by Materia Nova, the research centers that are members of the EMRA (Environment and Materials Research Association) and the IDEA intermunicipal association, in partnership with the GREENWIN and MECATECH competitiveness clusters, the INNOVATECH agency and IDETA. It aims to support and boost the Walloon SMEs active in the fields of materials, processes and the environment. The portfolio is based on 2 main lines of action:

  • The setting up of six technological demonstration units in EMRA’s research centres, namely Materia Nova, CERTECH, CRIBC and CTP;
  • The creation of a reception infrastructure, located in the close vicinity of Materia Nova and dedicated to companies active in the field of new materials in the broad sense of the term and their associated processes. These are mainly companies engaged or linked with EMRA in research programs and UMONS spin-offs.

Objectives and missions of Materia Nova

MATERIA NOVA wishes to strengthen its competitive position in the Walloon Region and on the European territory by implementing the following lines of development:

  • The creation of a unit for the Demonstration of precision plastics processing technologies
  • The creation of a unit for the Demonstration of dry surface treatments
  • The setting up of a common demonstration and promotion space for EMRA centres that realize the finished products in their final use, aiming at their technological appropriation by Walloon SMEs.

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