Domino Kila Flex PVD deposition system from Oerlikon

Acquired as part of our FEDER EMRADEMO2Factory project, this new equipment will expand Materia Nova's plasma equipment fleet and offer coating developments to customers on an industrial scale.

Materia Nova's plasma technology and developments will be demonstrated at scale, allowing customers to evaluate the technology on sample sizes and volumes that will enable industrial pre-validation.

The flexibility and reliability of PVD coating systems are essential elements for our research projects. Featuring 4 spray sources, an etching system for surface preparation, a self-contained octagonal PVD chamber and two doors (for loading and unloading), the Domino Kila Flex PVD deposition system from Oerlikon allows :

  • to program a large number of coating recipes,
  • plasma analyzes and online diagnostics to examine coating processes,
  • integration of PACVD precursor systems and of additional modules, ...