Device for medical diagnosis

Sensors play an increasingly important role in the medical sector because they enable physiological information to be translated into a measurable signal (electrical, optical, thermal, etc.). The early detection in real time of biomarkers associated with pathologies is particularly crucial for rapid diagnosis and effective treatment.

Materia Nova develops (bio)sensors to meet the need for fast and accurate measurements in various fields of medical diagnostics, such as the detection of specific biomolecules in exhaled air. (Bio)sensors enable the development of high-performance detection devices that enable fast and quantitative measurement.

A sensor consists of a recognition part (the sensitive part) coupled to a transducer system. The most commonly used transduction modes are optical, mechanical, electrochemical, magnetic or thermal.

Our strengths

  • Numerous sensor developments through international projects.
  • Expertise in the development of different types of sensitive materials such as optical and fluorescent sensors.
  • Expertise in different deposition techniques: impregnation, PVD, CVD, sol-gels...
  • Manufacture of the devices.
  • Characterization and evaluation of performance.

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