Medical implants are a major issue in response to the increasing ageing of the population and the extension of professional or private activities. They are also the only answer to certain diseases or dysfunctions of the human body.

Materia Nova's activities in this field are based on two main lines. Firstly, the center develops biocompatible and physio-resorbable polymeric materials for organ and bone reconstruction. The implant disappears once its function has been fulfilled. The discomfort is limited in time and no further surgery is required.

Secondly, in the case of long-lasting implants, Materia Nova is studying surface treatment technologies such as ion implantation and plasma deposition in order to increase the durability and biocompatibility of the implanted material.


Our strengths

  • Expertise in synthesis of biocompatible and physio-resorbable (bio)polymers.
  • Development of in-vitro bio-resorption protocols and tests.
  • Characterization of post-resorption properties.
  • Expertise in surface coatings, application and characterization based on a semi-industrial equipment platform.
  • Processing and validation of properties on model and real parts.