Study of abnormal wear and premature ageing


Our laboratory has a number of tribological measurement tools for monitoring abnormal wear and premature ageing, enabling us to identify defects and their cause/origin and to consider possible solutions and improvements.
Materia Nova carries out measurements of thickness (Foucault, microscopic examination in section), adhesion (cross-cut, pull-off, bending on mandrel), mechanical resistance: impact test (mass drop), scratch resistance, pencil and Clemen hardness, wear resistance, slow stamping, appearance (colour, gloss), surface energy (contact angle), internal stresses (coating stressmeter).

Performance measurement (standards and equipment tests)

  • Abrasion resistance measurement (TABER Abrasion)- ISO 7784-2, ASTM D 4060. ASTM F 1978;
  • Resistance of a dry paint film to surface scratches using the pencil hardness test (standard ISO 15154 15184)
  • Resistance of a dry paint film to scratching with a defined force of up to 20 N (standard ISO 1518)
  • Resistance of a dry paint film to impact: cracking or detachment from its substrate when subjected to deformation caused by a falling mass, dropped under standard conditions (standard ISO 6272)
  • Resistance of a dry paint film to cracking and/or debonding of a metal substrate by stamping with a ballpoint punch (standard ISO 1520)
  • Wear resistance of a dry paint film: abrasion, brushability, washability (standard ISO 11998)
  • SHORE and ROCKWELL hardness measurements to assess the resistance of thermoplastics and elastomers to the penetration of an indentor applied to the surface (ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D785 standards)
  • IZOD impact resistance measurements in accordance with ISO 180

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