Controlled release of drugs

Materia Nova develops medical devices that make it possible to administer an active compound over a precise and localized period of time. The active substance is introduced within a nanoporous carrier. It can then be released following an external stimulus in order to ensure controlled release. This mechanism makes it possible, in particular, to target the areas requiring treatment and to fraction the doses administered as much as necessary.

Materia Nova offers its expertise for:

  • Improve the release of active substances to target a specific treatment area and improve the effectiveness of the drugs.
  • Developing nanoparticles that can release an active substance in a controlled manner and under internal or external stress.

Our strengths :

  • Development of biocompatible copolymers capable of reacting under the action of external stress and triggering the release of the active principle.
  • Expertise in the synthesis of nanoparticles and their surface modification.

Our sectors of application for this technology