4-point measurement (Jandell Four-Point Probe et Van der Pauw et Conductive AFM. Kelvin Probe AFM)

Conductivity/Resistivity, sheet resistance (Rs) of thin films of dielectrics and metals. Macro measurements for Four-Point probe and Van Der Paw and nano scale with C-AFM. Kelvin Probe AFM for surface potential measurements at 30 nm resolution



  • A complete electrical characterization platform from macro to nano scale (Four-Point, Hall effect, C-AFM, KPFM, impedance spectroscopy) exploitable for performance/failure measurement of microelectronic devices, validation of materials and processes in devices such as (O)LED’s, (O)PV, DSSC, transparent electrodes, thermal sensors, metal coatings. Nanotechnology: nanoparticles, self-organized nanostructures, CNT thin films, fullerene, graphene, metal (oxides), nanowires, quantum dots, perovskites