System equipped with a Nanoscope IIIa controller for topographic, morphological and mechanical mapping. Operates in air or in liquid and in a temperature range of 20°C to 100°C


  • Complete platform for: Morphological and mechanical properties of surfaces: Topography, standard roughness and film thickness measurements, Diversity of materials without size or thickness limits + Mapping of adhesion, deformation and dissipation properties simultaneously with topography.
  • Determination of local Young's modulus.
  • Electrical properties and charge transport mechanisms of (semi)conductive materials: local mapping of electric current, resistance, work function and surface potential.
  • High electrical spatial resolution. Sensitivity of current measurements < 100fA. Measurements performed in controlled environment.
  • Intelligent measurements: Controlled environment: liquids or inert gases, temperature control of the sample.
  • Possible integration of new SPM modes