It determines the thermal deflection and softening temperatures of polymers which are essential data for validating the quality and performance of plastic materials, in particular for optimal implementation.

This method is mainly used to characterize thermoplastic, thermosetting or composite materials.

For example, in production, an injection-molded plastic part is considered “safe” to be removed from its mold when its temperature is near or below its HDT.

  • Determination of deflection temperature under load (HDT) according to ISO 75 parts 1 to 3 and ASTM D 648 method B on thermoplastics, hard rubber, as well as fiber-reinforced plastic and filled curable plastics.
  • Determination of softening temperature (VST) according to ISO 306 and ASTM D 1525 on thermoplastics.
  • Determination of fatigue behavior under bending stress.
  • Measurement from 20°C to 300°C.