The general appearance is a key functional element to take care of as it is the first glance. It can be determined by the reflectivity of the surface, its gloss, satin or matt appearance.

Reflection properties can be adjusted by modifying the surface. We adapt the formulation and/or the application process according to the desired appearance (L*a*b), depending on the substrate.

Our processes include deposition techniques (sol-gel, galvanization, painting), structuring (satin- finishing) and electro-polishing.

Our strengths

  • Adaptation of coatings or paints according to the desired appearance.
  • Adaptation of processes to substrates.
  • Colour modulation to achieve a defined finish.
  • Multiplicity of processes for all shapes of parts and substrates.
  • Adaptation of industrialized processes to special cases.
  • Production of small series.

Our sectors of application for this solution