The use of anodic, metallic layers, of barrier, protective and durable coatings are among the most widely used means of protecting metal surfaces against oxidation.   Anodizing is based on an electrolysis process that strengthens the oxide layer (or protective barrier layer) on the surface of aluminium or other passivatable metals. The principle of this technique is electrolysis in an aqueous environment.The layers deposited can be barrier or porous depending on the composition of the electrolyte and the anodizing parameters.

Materia Nova has a great deal of expertise in the anodizing of aluminium for protection against corrosion and wear, but also in the coloured anodizing of titanium and niobium. Anodizing is used for a variety of parts: individual parts in immersion baths using hooking devices, serial and precision parts.

Our strengths :

  • Materia Nova has a corrosion expertise laboratory to carry out anti-corrosion performance evaluation tests (standardized accelerated ageing norms and methods and global and local electrochemical methods).
  • Important interaction with the University of Mons (metallurgy and materials science departments) for the understanding of corrosion or protection mechanisms. Development of tailor-made methodologies to evaluate the anti-corrosion properties of a system and/or to understand the mechanisms involved as well as the environmental impact according to the final application of the product.