Anti-adhesion, wettability and sliding

Non-stick surface is made to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it. One of the most common applications is for non-stick kitchen utensils, where the coating allows food to cook without sticking to the pan. However, the properties of anti-adhesive coatings make them popular today for many industrial applications.

The non-stick properties are generally related to the wetting and/or sliding properties of the surface. By playing on the topography (roughness, structuring...) or on the surface chemistry, it is indeed possible to modulate the hydrophilic/phobic, oleophilic/phobic character and the sliding properties.

Our strengths

  • Expertise in the development of coatings adapted to the type of soiling.
  • Great flexibility in the choice of application processes enabling self-cleaning surfaces to be applied to a wide range of substrates and parts with complex geometries for various industrial sectors (aeronautics, railways, construction, etc.).
  • Set of equipment for characterizing the surface properties and wettability of coatings. Specific tests and qualitative evaluation of surface fouling.