Cleaning with atmospheric plasma torch

Materia Nova has developed, in collaboration with IONICS, microwave plasma torches which allow the generation of plasma outside the torch directly in contact with the substrate to be treated. The combined action of radicals and charged species in the plasma makes it possible to eliminate organic surface pollution (creation of oxygen radicals).

In parallel with traditional torches, Materia Nova is developing and promoting the use of a new microwave plasma torch system that can:

  • Clean surfaces more efficiently (dry air only / faster / low exposure time) by electron and ion bombardment.
  • Modify the surface energy of even very stable materials such as fluorinated polymers.
  • Reduce carrier gas consumption, noise and energy consumption.

Our strengths:

  • Customized system development , deposition from precursor or directly by powder fusion.
  • Close collaboration with IONICS, which builds, sells or rents this customized equipment.