Mechanical recycling of plastics

Mechanical plastics recycling refers to a process of converting plastic waste into raw materials.

In principle, all types of thermoplastics can be recycled mechanically with little or no loss of quality. At present, this is practically the only form of recycling in Europe, where it accounts for more than 99% of the quantities recycled.

Materia Nova offers its expertise to:

  • improve the properties of recycled plastics (PLA, PO, PU,...) in order to give them superior mechanical properties (mainly tensile and impact strength),
  • improve the mechanical recycling of plastics by proposing protocols (grinding of the material to be recycled, drying of the material before extrusion, extrusion, evaluation of the MFI, etc.) in order to preserve the properties of the products after their passage through the extruder,
  • transformation of waste into filament for additive manufacturing thanks to its prototyping line accompanied by the necessary peripherals (dryers, grinders) which enables the development of prototype formulations specific to the specifications of customers and their applications.


  • Expertise in polymer formulation and their chemical modification.
  • Complete laboratory for processing and shaping polymers (extruders, internal mixers, injectors, mills, transformation of waste in filament ...)
  • State-of-the-art equipment for mechanical, thermal, thermomechanical, physico-chemical and morphological characterization.
  • 3D printing equipments

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