Advanced 3D Printing

3D printing can be done by 3 technologies:

▪ Printing by material deposition (FFF)

▪ Stereolithography (SLA)

▪ Selective laser sintering (SLS)

3D printing makes it possible to create experimental models, complex prototypes or the production of small series (consumer goods, mechanical components and production tools...) in record time and with characteristics close to those of a mass-produced part.

Materia Nova proposes and prepares new (ecological, functional,…) filaments, powders and new resins. Materia Nova evaluates their printability, optimizes printing conditions, the interfaces between layers and materials in order to achieve the desired properties. It is also possible to treat the surfaces of the raw materials and/or the printed part (wet or dry) to give it unique properties.

Our strengths :

  • Covers all stages of development: preparation of compounds, preparation of filaments and resins, printing and characterization.
  • Proposes the treatment of raw materials before printing or of the printed part in order to make it functional or to manage interfaces.
  • Thanks to the range of materials we offer (ecological, flexible, resistant), we will always find a material that suits you.