Chemical syntheses of polymers and additives

The chemical method is useful to prepare new monomers or oligomers, to carry out their polymerization but also to prepare functional additives.  Polymerization is a process by which small molecules react with each other to form molecules with higher molar masses.

Our strengths :

  • More than 20 years of experience in the chemical synthesis of polymers and additives with controlled structures.
  • Range of equipment for the structural synthesis and characterization of polymers, monomers and organic molecules.
  • Materia Nova covers all the stages necessary for the preparation of new (bio)polymers by chemical means, starting from the design of the monomer and polymer structure, monomer synthesis, preparation of the catalytic system, polymerization control, characterization of intermediates and the products obtained.
  • Chemical transformation of renewable resources to develop additives with high added value.