Spraying and coating

Use of liquid deposition method for obtaining layers of nanometric and micrometric thickness on various substrates (glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, etc.) to make them multifunctional.

The coating process varies depending on whether the surface is flat (Dr blading, spin and bar coating, Slot Die) or three-dimensional (spray and gun).

Our strengths :

  • Materia Nova is a specialist in the deposition of nanometric layers of organic semiconductors and dispersed nanoparticles (nanowires, graphene, etc.).
  • Thin and thick layers: hybrid coatings (organic/inorganic), sol-gels, paints, metals, MeOx, nanoparticles, epoxy resins, thermo or photocrosslinkable acrylates.
  • Photolithography (deposition of positive or negative photoresins) can be used to give a surface structure or shape.